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Broadband Quality in Coaley

Coaley Parish Council is aware that many residents are unhappy with the quality of their internet connection. We are conducting this survey to find the extent of the problem. You do not have to answer any question but the more information we have the better.

If you have broadband problems it's wise to make sure there are no problems with your router, wireless network setup and telephone wiring in the house.

BT have some guides to help you Check your wiring and broadband set-up.

Ofcom offer this advice for Broadband and landline faults and problems.

If you're happy with some technical detail, the instructions on the Increase Broadband Speed Guide will ensure you get the best possible connection speed.

New homes on land at Betworthy Farm

Coaley PC supports this application in principle, but there are some concerns which need to be alleviated and policies which the district council must put in place for the development to cause minimum impact as well as bring benefits to the village:

  1. Sewage system - the villages sewage system is historically unable to cope with the existing number of houses in the village, this must be updated and proven it can support an additional 24 properties; and that the problem is resolved prior to the commencement of building. Flooding is an issue in the village and this has got to be considered before any planning is permitted. Drainage calculations must be agreed by the Local Water Authority and must be compliant with the latest guidance such as including allowances for 100 year storms, urban creep and the latest SuDS manual.
  2. Building Materials - as the hedge is being kept in situ the properties need to compliment the existing homes on The Close as these are the homes which will be impacted by the development. As well as ensuring the brickwork compliments existing properties the fencing/hedging etc must also be considered.
  3. Agricultural land - the application states the field is not used, local knowledge disputes this as it is used for grazing and haymaking. We presume change of use has been sought.
  4. Highways - during any development, policies must be put in place to minimise the impact on neighbours with the increased vehicles in the village. Recent builds have caused a serious impact on other road users and this is not acceptable.
  5. Future development- as this is a recognised exception site, the council needs reassurance this is the only application which will be submitted on the field, there will not be the ability to develop the remaining half of the field.
  6. Local connection - as part of the permission and the policies these affordable homes will only go to applicants with a proven local connection. Also in the event that one of the designated affordable homes is part purchased, or should ever be wholly owned they can only be sold in accordance with the local connection policy. (i.e. once bought they cannot then be sold to anyone and be lost as affordable housing). It is also important in order to main the affordability these
    properties cannot be extended.
  7. The council feels these properties should be as energy efficient as possible, the district council promotes itself as a green council, and Coaley PC encourages all policies to be put in place to ensure these houses are sustainable.

Defibrillator update

You may have noticed that the defibrillator has been installed at the village hall. Everything is in place and the form filling done to tell the ambulance service that it is ready to use. We are now waiting to hear that they have registered this information. Please watch here for updates.

If someone is unconscious and not breathing the first action is to call the ambulance service on 999 and start CPR straight away. The ambulance service will give you the combination to open the defibrillator cabinet and clearly it's best if someone else does this. The defibrillator can be used without training - it gives voice instructions - and the ambulance service will stay on the phone to help you.

We hope to arrange community awareness sessions to create confidence, learn CPR and to understand the processes.

Housing Needs Survey

The housing needs survey conducted in April 2016 can be downloaded here. This version was updated on 17th June.


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