Newsletter submission guidelines

Article text

We can take your article text in just about any common format such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, PDF or just a straightforward email.  A single page of text in the newsletter is about 500 words.


Pictures should be sent separately to your article text and be as high a resolution as you have.  The file straight from the camera is best.  Mobile phone cameras are usually perfectly good quality. Images that have been sent by WhatsApp are much smaller than the original and are not usually good enough.

The printing process requires images with a resolution of at least 300dpi. For a full page that means your image must be at least 1700 pixels wide and 2400 pixels high.  Photographs should be in jpeg format, graphics (such as logos) are best in png format but jpeg will normally be OK.

Please do not embed images in a Word document because they can not normally be extracted with sufficient quality.  It's OK to embed images in a PDF but they should still be at least 300 dpi.

If you want your item to appear just as you designed it, then the best way is to send it as a PDF.  Please remember though that it has to fit in with the way the newsletter is laid out.  The space available on a whole page is 140 mm wide and 200 mm high.  A single column is 68.5 mm wide.

Submission deadlines

To make it easy for people to remember we always have the same deadline - the 16th of the month before it comes out:

16th Jan for the February issue,
16th March for the April issue,
16th May for the June issue,
16th July for the August issue,
16th September for the October issue,
16th November for the December issue.

If you have any questions then please contact the editor.